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Coratina Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Old Town Olive

Coratina Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 19.00

Nestled in the heel of Italy’s boot, surrounded by the warmth and beauty of the Adriatic Sea lies the region of Puglia. And in Puglia originates the Coratina olive. A prolific producer, this large, beautiful fruit produces very high-quality oil that is intensely fruity, pungent, and extremely sought after by olive oil connoisseurs. Enjoy a bottle of this world-class extra virgin olive oil in your home, and buy a second to give as a gift to your favorite good cook.

Made from hand-picked olives on the "La Fenice - Coppa Malva" estate owned by the Galatino family, this early harvest small batch exquisite Cortina is extremely complex. Displays herbaceous qualities and notes of green apple. Unique, floral finish. Crisp and pungent with ample bitterness! We are proud to announce this Cortina as the oil highest in phenol content from the Northern Hemisphere. 

Crush Date: November 2015

Polyphenols: 445ppm    FFA: 0.15
Oleic Acid: 71.4    Peroxide: 8.0
DAGs: 92.1    PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 30
Bitterness: 4.3
Pungency: 5.0

As measured at the time of crush. 

Country of origin: Italy

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