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DIY Glass Bottle Ideas

Everyone loves a good DIY project! And for those of us who use a lot of good olive oil, sometimes you find yourself with a selection of pretty empty olive oil or flavored vinegar bottles around the house. You don’t want to throw them away, but what can you do with them instead? 

Here are some suggestions!


Dishwashing Liquid

A good quality olive oil bottle is typically tinted glass, but keep in mind often a balsamic vinegar bottle is lighter toned or even clear when it’s empty.

Pick a bottle in a color you like, fill it with dish soap, add a pour spout (either a self-closing one or a capped open one), and place it by your sink. The big plastic jug can stay under the sink out of sight. Easy!

To add a challenge for people who have next level crafting skills, use a stencil and etching cream to add a word to the bottle. “Dish Soap” or “Kitchen,”—something like that.


What About Smaller Bottles?

Smaller bottles, like the ones that our gift sets of oils and vinegars come in, are just as easy to re-purpose. Looking ahead to the holidays, this is a perfect opportunity to make some cool hand-crafted gifts. You’ve been wanting to try interesting flavors of vinegar or infused oils anyway, so try them. Then save the bottles!

You can use the empties to make bathroom soap, mouthwash, or even scented body oil bottles that can stay by the sink and look pretty. Just add a clever dispenser to the top and some clear markings as to what they are. (We know you would never want your mother-in-law to accidentally dollop liquid soap in her mouth instead of mouthwash…)

Our medium sets are 12.7 ounces, smalls are 6.7 ounces, and minis are 2 ounces and are a cute squared off shape.


Everything has a Re-Purpose

Bud vases. Painted lamp bodies. The base of a candelabra. An oil lamp. A touch LED lamp. Even supports for a decorative shelf. There’s a very long list of cool ideas for how to re-purpose your empty olive oil and vinegar bottles. Before you toss them out, do a little internet surfing and see what pretty and handy thing you can make around the house.

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