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"Great experience. We sampled a majority of the olive oils till we found our new favorite. Huge selection with knowledgeable staff! Love this place!"
~David Anderson
"Nael and his staff were super informative and friendly. Great products and wonderful customer service."
~Kerry F. 

"Old Town Olive opens up a world of flavored oils and balsamic vinegars unlike anything you will ever see in a grocery store. There is a wide variety of both oils and vinegars and you can sample them all. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the owner Nael is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Check it out. You won't be disappointed."
~John T.

"Wow, so happy to find this little gem! They are so passionate about their vinegars and oils. Tasting them was like a little bit of heaven. I WILL be back."
~Cindy N.S. 

"An amazing find during my visit to Old Town Albuquerque! Walked in just to satisfy my curiosity, and walked out with a case being shipped home to me. Thanks so much for the experience. Can't wait to get my bottles and try some of these recipes."
~Dawn T.  


"Delicious olive oil! The staff is wonderful here! They are very knowledgeable, professional and kind. We will most definitely stop by on our next trip to Old Town!"
~Liz Albano Babiarz


"Wonderful staff, they go above and beyond to help. great product, highly recommend!"
~Jennie O. 


"Just went by today visiting from Mississippi. Marsha and Nile were so kind to spend so much time with us. We left there with 9 bottles!! Can't wait to use them. Check out there website or visit if you are in the area. You won't regret it."

~Arlene E. 

"No Olive oil can compare to Old Town Olive Oil. Not only is the olive oil remarkable but the service and knowledge that the employees have is just outstanding. We went yesterday and stocked up and got the Butter olive oil and folks, it really does taste like butter. Thank you for your products and great service. I'll be back soon."

~Priscilla D. 

"We went to this shop by co-incidence and so happy that we did. We never knew so much about Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oils. It was such a fun and educating visit. The owner Nael was very friendly and spent a lot of time with us giving us details about the various different vinegars and oils. We tried out a bunch of samples. We ended up buying a couple of bottles and he packed them really well !! All in all a great experience !!"

~Supriya S. 

"My current "favorite" breakfast uses [the] Green Chilé Infused Olive Oil ! Toast a good quality piece of whole grain or sourdough rye bread, rub LIBERALLY with a cut clove of garlic, spread with a great feta cheese ( like Valbereso) drizzle with the spicey olive oil and ENJOY."

~Myra L. 

"Your infused oils are becoming a staple in this household 😉."

~Cheyenne S. 

"Wow we have had a grilled chicken strawberry salad with the black current balsamic olive oil and it was so good had again for dinner."

~Sue Davis 

"This is the BEST OLIVE OIL in the world!! I ONLY BUY from here."
~Merlinda Toledo

"We were recently at Old Town Olive Store - amazing store, people, olive oil! So happy they are online & on FB." 
~Jan Freiberg

"So excited to find this place on our visit last week! So happy you have an online store as well! The store was lovely and staff so nice and friendly! And they wrapped my bottle in bubble wrap for our trip home! Definitely the place to go for anyone who enjoys flavorful cooking."
~ Christina L. Garcia

"Yum! Incredible selection and you can try before you buy!"
~ Demian Vargas

"So excited to find this place on our visit last week! So happy you have an online store as well! The store was lovely and staff so nice and friendly! And they wrapped my bottle in bubble wrap for our trip home! Definitely the place to go for anyone who enjoys flavorful cooking."
~ Christina L. Garcia

"Nael and his staff were wonderful. They were all so knowledgeable about their products and the different combinations of olive oil and balsamic vinegar was amazing! We tasted so many combinations we couldn't wait to get home and try it! We will definitely be back."
~ Kathy Duenas

"So friendly! And very helpful! Loved visiting this place. I will be ordering more when I get home."
~ Debbie Esparza McClure

"The best people! The best products! They even taught us how to use the yummy oils and flavored vinaigrettes. The chocolate and black cherry is to die for! I'll be having it shipped regularly." 
~ Laura Van Winkle Chavez

"What can I say? These oils and vinegars are the best. This is Gulf of Mexico flounder and shrimp cooked with Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil and secret spice, baked potato with a salad dressed with Grapefruit White Balsamic vinegar. One word, delicioso!"
~ Romeo Gonzalez

"Today was my first time there and I am totally in love! I never expected a place that sells olive oil to be so magnificent. It is not a place where you just walk in and look around with sales associates who just blankly stare in smile.. Instead you are instantly welcomed in with so many wonderful samples that really open your mind to trying many more. The owner was there and treated as like we were family. We really enjoyed being able to try different flavors and learning the details about it all. My eyes are officially open to better things. I will recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!! Thank you for the excellent service! You can really fell the love and passion in the business there! We live in the St.Louis area so we plan on buying MORE online."
~ Cierra Elliott 

"We got treated like royalty! They doted on me, my mother & even my kids. They exposed me (and my palate) to things I could never even dream of. And the body balm! I'm obsessed with the tea tree oil & olive oil in it. We put it everywhere on our bodies & it makes our skin so soft & smooth, AND it smells so good. I took fruit to a whole new level bc of 2 of the vinegars, & my grilled chicken was off the chain due to their expertise. But who am I kidding? I literally just pour the vinegars and/or olive oils in a bowl & dip bread, fruit, cheese. It's unreal how delicious it all is! Well done, gang!"
~ Andromeda Zamora

"I use the green chile pepper olive oil with scrambled eggs - amazing! Their staff is very educating and have fabulous recipes! Thank you Old Town Olive."

Susan A.


“I absolutely LOVE Old Town Olive.  My first compliment would be on the staff.  They are so welcoming and inviting!  I love bringing out of town visitors here to sample ALL the different olive oils and vinegars they have available here.  I usually come in with so many questions "What is this one good with?!  How do you pair this one?! Which oil would you recommend with this vinegar?!  How much is it for the large bottle?!  Do you have the butter olive oil in stock?!" and they are always super nice and will let you sample as much as you want with different pairings.  I love this place and usually leave with a new bottle in hand.

Right now my favorites are butter flavored (always my favorite because it's good on everything), green chile, lemon, tuscan herb, strawberry vinegar, and the peach vinegar.  They always have great ideas what to make with the oils.  I love using the butter for my popcorn or even with fish.  The green chile is tasty with eggs in the morning or stir fry veggies.  Lemon olive oil and strawberry vinegar is the perfect combo for a salad and the tuscan herb is good for bread dipping.

If you bring back your bottle to refill, you get a $1 off your purchase which I highly recommend (reduce, reuse, recycle is something I live by).

Great product, informative and friendly staff.  That is what keeps me returning every time."

~ Stephanie A. 


“I’m a real lover of olive oil and especially all the health benefits of it. One thing I really respect about business owners and employees is their knowledge about their product. Nael stands above any business owner I know when it comes to knowledge of his product. We bought the green chile infused olive oil and cannot wait to buy more and give them out as gifts. Oh and try the dark chocolate balsamic good.”

~ Keira M.


"I love, love this place.. The butter flavor is delicious for frying eggs. Green chili flavor.....yummm, dip your favorite bread with that."

~ Maggie A.


“This place is amazing! The service was outstanding. One of the women stayed with me the whole time answering my questions and asking me questions to get a sense of what I might like. You can taste everything. 

They have a huge variety of flavors including cinnamon pear (my favorite!), dark chocolate, lemon, and strawberry. Just so much fun to try. There are cards in front of each item that provide a description. I asked if they had extras. They don't, but I really wanted to have the descriptions when I got the bottles home with me. They copied the cards for me. Is this place great or what?

They offer shipping via FedEX which was great. It cost maybe $20-$25 to ship it back to me in North Carolina and it got here exactly when they said it would. All the bottles (I bought five) were packaged very well. No need to worry about anything breaking.

If you don't live in the area, like me, and want a refill you can call them and they will take care of it for you. I think I'm pretty stocked up for awhile, and I am looking forward to trying all the delicious flavors I got."

~ Leigh H.


"Great little shop with excellent product and super nice sales personnel."

~ Robert K. 

"My caprese salad with the Jalapeno infused olive oil"

--Cheyenne S. 


“Great people and delicious oils & vinegars. Many pairings to try. Offered tastings in a cup, over watermelon, on bread, over tomato & cheese. Most informed & pleasant staff I've encountered in a store like this. We bought more than I intended, but not as much as I would have liked.”

~ Barbara L.


"I got hooked on the fruit infused olive oils on my salads, so much so that I make sure that I never run out. My wife and kids love the Tuscan one. We'll definitely keep going back!"

~ Ousama R.


“There are a wide variety of oil and vinegar to try, and staff is really knowledgeable and helpful. They also have different bottle sizes, so just in case you don't want to invest a full bottle, you can also take a smaller sample bottle home.  I've tried the tuscan herb olive oil and it is just OMG delicious! So I would definitely recommend people to come check out the place.”

~ C W.