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Fall Pot Pies

Autumn is amazing, isn’t it? Cooler weather. Falling leaves. Sweaters and boots. Pumpkin spice everything! Cozy food.

Here at Old Town Olive we adore fall and all that comes with it – particularly the cozy food part! Anything slow cooked and savory really stands out as an autumn flavor profile. Especially if it can be served with gravy.

And the epitome of magnificent fall food? Pot pie! Rich flavors, gravy built right in, and a pastry crust to top it all off. Pot pie is the ultimate comfort food.

There’s a section of recipes for everyone here. Meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans all have the right to indulge in these fantastic flavors. Here are some ideas and links that will have your mouth watering.


Meat Pot Pies

Chicken pot pie is probably the best-known pot pie out there. For many of us, chicken pot pie represents quintessential home cooking (even if we grew up eating Marie Calendar’s freezer version…). Here is a tried and true chicken pot pie that includes a mouth-watering from-scratch gravy.

For a truly decadent take on chicken pot pie, this version uses Rotisserie chicken, butternut squash, broccoli, and bacon, and a homemade gravy made with real cream and chicken stock.

Traditional beef pot pie includes a mix of carrots, potatoes, green peas, and chunks of beef for the filling, either corn starch or a flour roux and broth for gravy, and pie crust—either a single or double crust. Bring on the classics!

If you like a deeply flavored pot pie, try this Beef, Mushroom, and Guiness recipe. It uses onion, garlic, bacon, thyme, and bay to add delicious dynamic to the rich brown taste of Guiness stout, all poured over soft beef, onions, and cremini mushrooms.

Italian bacon, pancetta, gets in on the pot pie action too with this pancetta, white bean, and chard recipe. Unique and definitely delicious!


Vegetarian Pot Pies

Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the pot pie fun. No way! This traditional vegetarian version delivers all the satisfaction of tender vegetables, a thick creamy gravy that has a base of mushroom broth and milk, and a puff pastry top brushed with an egg wash.

This root-vegetable version combines parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and leeks in a from-scratch gravy made from vegetable broth and milk seasoned with thyme and a dash of hot pepper sauce.


Vegan Pot Pies

If you are vegan, your gravy will simply use a different kind of milk to make it creamy. This version smothers a medley of vegetables and mushrooms with a gravy made from almond milk and vegetable broth and given some extra satisfying oomph with chickpea flour. Instead of a pastry top, this recipe suggests a clever topping of sliced potatoes brushed with olive oil.

Another lovely vegan version has a gravy of coconut milk with thyme, rosemary, nutritional yeast, and white wine vinegar over mixed vegetables—all topped with a cornbread topping.


The Crust

Crusts can be purchased, of course. But if you like to make your own, try these variations:

Fall pot pies await you! Get to cooking—your family will love you for it.

And don’t forget, you can add roughly 1/3 – 1/4th cup of your favorite Infused Olive Oil to both the pot pie mix itself, and the crust! Our Butter Infused Olive Oil is a clear winner as a crust addition, and our Wild Mushroom and Sage Infused Olive Oil is a fabulous to the pot pie mix itself on many traditional recipes. Get bold and experiment! Share your results with us on Facebook!

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