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Fabulous Favolosa

Favolosa olives are a new varietal that have been bred specifically for their growth and nutrition properties. We have to admit, while there’s something intriguing about eating a cultivar that has been used as it is for thousands upon thousands of years, there’s also something nifty about getting to see science at work.


Why Breed a New Cultivar?

With so many great olives already in the world, why make a new one? A couple of reasons… First and foremost, science is always doing something new. They breed grapes that will grow in Alaska, strawberries that taste like pineapples, and fruit trees that grow four kinds of fruit on one tree. Science is cool like that.

In the case of the Favolosa olive—also called FV17—they started with the Frantoio olive. The Frantoio is the dominant strain in the region of Tuscany and is a popular oil olive there. It is known as a “low-vigor” plant, meaning it doesn’t spread and spread and turn into a huge plant that takes up a lot of space for each tree. This allows it to be cultivated at “SHD” levels (super-high density), which gives a bigger yield per cultivated acre. Good news for the farmers, and good news for careful use of the earth we live on!

On the downside, though, it doesn’t tolerate heat or cold as well as other varietals. Frantoio olive oil is known for its green herbaceous flavor because it has to be harvested young in order to avoid December frosts.

Also, while the original Frantoio yields quite a bit of oil, it only contains a medium polyphenol count. Its over-achieving daughter, though, the Favolosa, keeps the high yield, but adds a very high polyphenol count for fans who are looking to capitalize on olive oil’s healthful properties.


The Delicious Taste of Health

It’s so fabulous when a food is both tasty and healthy. No compromises need to be made. No sad resolution when you look at your plate and try to decide whether your taste buds or your conscience wins today. No, certain foods can just be consumed guilt-free. Such is Favolosa olive oil.

Favolosa has a big bold, fruity flavor that nicely compliments robust dishes and stews. And with its high polyphenol count, you can eat less of it and still get the antioxidant qualities that good olive oil delivers. Good for your pocket book and your taste buds at the same time.

It’s hard to lose with the new Favolosa oil! Stop by Old Town Olive and taste some next time you are in Old Town. See for yourself how delicious good health and science can be.

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