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Five Reasons to Love Coratina Olive Oil

It’s pretty easy to love good olive oil. It’s good for our hair, our nails, our skin, our blood pressure, our aging process, and our brain—not to mention our taste buds. The silky earthy bite of high quality EVOO is the stuff of dreams for many reasons. It’s no wonder it is referred to in many places as liquid gold!

Throughout history, olives have been carefully cultivated to make higher-producing or more resilient strains. These strains are called cultivars—which is a hybrid of the words “cultigen” (a plant deliberately selected for cultivation) and “variety” (in this case, a type of olive). The Coratina olive is one such cultivar that holds a truly special place amongst all the olive oils.


Reason 1 – It’s Unique

Even in a world where connoisseurs are able to pick the most delicate shadings of flavor out of a drop of oil, Coratina stands out for its uniqueness. Its flavor is intensely fruity, grassy, and herbaceous, making it a wonderful oil to use whenever you dabble in authentic Tuscan recipes or savory/sweet desserts.

Admittedly, sometimes you want an oil that blends in to the flavors you are creating in the kitchen. But other times, you want an oil that adds bold depth. When you are looking for bold depth, grab some Coratina and be amazed.


Reason 2 – It’s Il Magnifico

Each year, olive oils from all over the world compete against each other for all sorts of awards. Recognition in these competitions can make a particular olive oil into, quite literally, the gold standard that other oils try to match in quality and taste. In the last few years, Coratina olive oil has won a huge number of awards! We won’t even try to list them all, but here are a few examples:

  • Prestige Gold
  • Il Magnifico
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Only Fair Trade in Top 50 EVOOs

The world’s experts agree—Coratina olive oil is amazing. Have you tried it?


Reason 3 – It’s Good for You

Extra virgin olive oil is good for your health; we all know that. But even in a family of oils that are good for you, Coratina is better. Nature has gifted Coratina olives with a remarkably high polyphenol content. Phenols are the part of olive that fight cancer, destroy oxidants, and promote healthy aging.

While all good quality olive oil has a nice phenol count in it, Coratina’s is so high that just four teaspoons gives you the recommended healthy amount for daily intake. It’s like a short cut. You get all the benefits of the oil by eating less oil. Good for your caloric intake, and still just as healthy.


Reason 4 – It’s Stable

Coratina’s high polyphenol count and its solid lipid structure make it molecularly stable. And by molecularly stable, we mean it will last a long time on your kitchen shelf. While it is recommended you use most olive oils within a few months of opening them, Coratina last 18-24 months. That’s good news for those of us who end up with such a large collection of olive oils that we don’t use them very fast.


Reason 5 – It’s Available

Not only does Coratina olive oil have all these interesting things to offer you, it’s available right here at Old Town Olive. AND you can taste it before you buy it. Stop in today and taste a few of our oils—particularly our Coratina. Then take a bottle home with you and experience for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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