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Give the Gift of Olive Oil

‘Tis the season to be merry! Christmas is the time when family and friends get together and celebrate joy and happiness in a variety ways precious to each of us. Some of you have children who will hang their stockings by the chimney with care. Others will celebrate with a large group of friends in place of family members. And still others will celebrate quietly, alone or with one or two other people they are close to. However you spend your holiday, the key to Christmas feeling like Christmas is gifts. Nothing heightens our sense of joy more than giving...

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Thanksgiving Pairings

Thanksgiving is all about the food, and here at Old Town Olive we couldn’t be happier. Any excuse to get in the kitchen and whip up tasty goodness is fine by us, and what could be better than an entire day dedicated to eating traditional comforting flavors in honor of all we have to be grateful in life? Don’t leave your fancy olive oils on the shelf during your Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Keep them handy! Below are some suggestions for ways you can incorporate flavorful healthy fats into your meal in place of some of the more common saturated fats....

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Fall Pot Pies

Autumn is amazing, isn’t it? Cooler weather. Falling leaves. Sweaters and boots. Pumpkin spice everything! Cozy food. Here at Old Town Olive we adore fall and all that comes with it – particularly the cozy food part! Anything slow cooked and savory really stands out as an autumn flavor profile. Especially if it can be served with gravy. And the epitome of magnificent fall food? Pot pie! Rich flavors, gravy built right in, and a pastry crust to top it all off. Pot pie is the ultimate comfort food. There’s a section of recipes for everyone here. Meat eaters, vegetarians,...

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Refreshing Mocktails

Many of us love a good cocktail. An adult beverage. A 21-and-up secret club of tasty drinks made with unique blends of ingredients that take the edge off our stress. But tasty drinks don’t have to include alcohol, do they? Nope, not at all. Following are creative ideas for some awfully delicious “mocktails,” for when you want all the taste and elegance, but want to skip the alcohol. Perfect for mixed groups, brunches, church dinners, or when one of your friends is trying to avoid alcohol for health or sobriety reasons. Don’t skimp on the fancy drinks. And don’t skimp...

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Alzheimer's

Just when we thought Extra Virgin Olive Oil couldn’t get any better for us, a recent study revealed that it actually has the power to reduce the health problems that lead to Alzheimer’s. This is wonderful news! Both for anyone who has had to watch a loved one fade away into the horrible symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and for anyone simply trying to retain their good health.   What Did the Study Discover? Let’s cover some basic definitions first. In an Alzheimer’s patient, their brain is clogged up with “amyloid plaque” and “neurofibrillary tangles” caused by “phosphorylated tau.” What are those...

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