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Olive Oil – The Heart Healthy Substitute

Let’s talk about fat. Let’s be honest, we here in America have a lot of fat to discuss, both on our bodies and in our diets. Today we want to talk about dietary fat and how it affects our health. What is fat? Why do some people tell you to be careful how much fat you consume while other people are telling you to make sure you eat enough of it? And with all the conflicting health reports out there, how does fat really affect your heart? Did we all eat carefully for the last few decades only to find...

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Fabulous Favolosa

Favolosa olives are a new varietal that have been bred specifically for their growth and nutrition properties. We have to admit, while there’s something intriguing about eating a cultivar that has been used as it is for thousands upon thousands of years, there’s also something nifty about getting to see science at work.   Why Breed a New Cultivar? With so many great olives already in the world, why make a new one? A couple of reasons… First and foremost, science is always doing something new. They breed grapes that will grow in Alaska, strawberries that taste like pineapples, and...

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Five Reasons to Love Coratina Olive Oil

It’s pretty easy to love good olive oil. It’s good for our hair, our nails, our skin, our blood pressure, our aging process, and our brain—not to mention our taste buds. The silky earthy bite of high quality EVOO is the stuff of dreams for many reasons. It’s no wonder it is referred to in many places as liquid gold! Throughout history, olives have been carefully cultivated to make higher-producing or more resilient strains. These strains are called cultivars—which is a hybrid of the words “cultigen” (a plant deliberately selected for cultivation) and “variety” (in this case, a type of...

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Olive Oil and Diabetes

Last summer we wrote a blog about how high-quality olive oil actually helps prevent Alzheimer’s. And most people also know that olives play a healthy role in reducing heart disease in parts of the world where olives and olive oil are a regularly eaten. This evidence of olive oil’s health benefits is very reassuring to those of us who love it and want it to be part of our everyday dining table. Now we’d like to tell you about how olive oil helps fight Type 2 Diabetes, an awful disease that over 30 million Americans suffer from, and which about...

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Olive Oil Centerpieces

The holidays are here in full force! Most of us are very busy right about now planning, shopping, cooking, entertaining, and decorating. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but there sure is a lot to do, isn’t there? Many of our customers here at Old Town Olive have a collection of pretty empty bottles around the house. We can sympathize! When you love good olive oil and vinegars, these things happen. We wanted to be able to repurpose those bottles, so we did a little research and found a couple clever ideas on how to use...

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